profile Welcome to the Korean American Chamber of Commerce (KACCLV).
Formed in 2005, the Korean American Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that supports, promotes and fosters business, educational and cultural relationships within the Southern Nevada community. about_pic_1

As a Chamber we are committed to serving the Korean American community as well as the surrounding community through educational training, workshop and cultural events. Our aim is to enhance awareness and understanding of the Korean culture and showcase the excellence and creativity of Korean lifestyle to the broader community, while promoting and messaging US -Korean tourism, commerce and trade opportunities at the local and regional levels.

Our hope is that these activities support and cultivate a greater understanding that will encourage relationships between the local community and the Korean American community.
We welcome and encourage involvement and participation from all members of the community regardless of whether you are Korean American or a member of any other ethnic group.

The KACCLV President,
The President of South-West Region National KACCUSA
Jeannie Kim